Executive Board Positions

What Does the Executive Board Do?

Please review the responsibilities of each position and indicate on the application all positions in which you would be happy to serve. In the event we receive multiple applicants for the same position, an election will be held to choose the winning candidate for the position.

Duties of the President:

  • Provides the overall vision of the organization for the current year
  • Prepare and conduct executive board meetings
  • Oversee General Body Meetings
  • Must represent and advocate the organization at both on campus and off campus events, ex. Networking events, rep your org day, engineering block party, conferences, etc.
  • Participate in Regional Conference Calls and submit monthly reports to the Region

* Must be a Goddard Space Flight Center Civil Servant.

Duties of the Vice President:

  • Responsible for organizing General Body Meetings, room reservations, meeting outlines, speaker accommodations etc.
  • Develop and evaluate programs in conjunction with committee chairs
  • Work with the president to complete monthly reports
  • Work with the other Chapter Executive Board members to finalize a calendar for the year
  • Preside over executive board in absence of the president

* Must be a Goddard Space Flight Center Civil Servant.

Duties of the Programs/Community Outreach+ Chair:

  • Coordinate social and service projects, specifically: * Engineering Expo * Urban Scholars * Engineering Block Party * SOS * Rep your Org Day
  • Coordinate interaction with other organizations
  • Maintain the locker space in the Marshal Center
  • Organize and oversee (along with the CEB) the planning for all annual events sponsored by the chapter, manage main operations and logistics of events, and create timelines for events
  • Shall work with all other executive board members to have successful events
  • Develop at least a 7 member committee to assist in duties where necessary
  • Maintain volunteer database of contact information and mobilize volunteers, as appropriate, according to current needs within the community +
  • Maintain list of contacts within community organizations and non-profits for fulfilling the chapter’s community outreach events +
  • Collaborate with the PCI, Programs chair and other officers when hosting or participating in community events+

Duties of the PCI Chair & FIRE Advisor+:

  • Assist pre-college students by assisting chapters to provide tutoring, mentoring and other supportive services
  • Coordinate chartering of NSBE Jr. chapters
  • Coordinate and oversee chapter PCI events locally and when necessary regionally or nationally
  • Evaluate regularly the effectiveness of the chapter’s various PCI programs.
  • Shall perform the duties as designated by the Chapter President
  • develop and implement a chapter strategy for outreach into the DC Metro pre-college community, including the establishment and coordination of NSBE Jr. chapters+
  • actively network and meet with other NSBE PCI chairs in the DC Metro area to coordinate city-wide activities and to serve as a resource to collegiate PCI efforts+
  • prepare a position monthly report+

Duties of the Telecommunications Chair:

  • Maintain chapter website and national homepage
  • Work with the HYPE center to design and print posters, flyers, and ads
  • Coordinates with members the distribution of flyers, posters and promotional events
  • Chairs subcommittee that produces flyers, posters, ads, paper/vinyl banners and other promotional items for events (i.e. newsletters, brochures, bulletins)
  • promote the National Society of Black Engineers through the medium of the Internet
  • support all sections and division of the society as it pertains to telecommunications
  • encourage every chapter member to increase their skills as it pertains to telecommunications
  • Remain informed about telecommunication advances that can be beneficial to the chapter membership

Duties of the Treasurer:

  • Maintain organization's financial accounts
  • Determine, along with the CEB, the allocation of NSBE funds
  • Work with finance chair to plan fundraising activities
  • Submit monthly financial report to CEB and regional treasurer
  • Responsible for the annual A&S Budgets

Duties of the Membership Chair:

  • Keeps a record of membership ebbs and flows
  • Work with the Vice President to plan activities and workshops for the General Body Meetings
  • Plan social events for members

Duties of the Secretary:

  • Take accurate minutes at each general and executive board meeting
  • Responsible for all correspondence
  • Provide all correspondence to president and appropriate CEB members
  • Copy and file all correspondence
  • Keep attendance at general and executive board meetings
  • Assist in agenda preparation